Top Three #1 Womens Leather Shoes that are Perfect for Travelling

While heels can instantly transform you from a simple chick into a glamorous princess, leather boots will still be the best travel shoes. It’s an absolute essential pair of shoes for any women that want to up their style. Unleash your fashion and appeal with these amazingly attractive pair of shoes. With a variety of styles and designs, you won’t run out of choices when you shop for the best leather boots. If you want the best options available in the market, we came up with the top #1 women’s leather shoes and boots that are perfect for travelling.


Blondo Villa Leather Shoes

Made from 100 per cent leather, the Blondo Villa leather boots feature a low and stacked heel to complement its overall style and design. It also features a textured rubber sole for maximum traction and grip to the ground. Its waterproof material will make sure that you will still look and feel stylish even during the rainy season. That also makes it perfect for travelling to moist areas like Singapore or Japan. Probably the best feature of this elegant ankle leather boots is that you can pair it with any type of clothing. From jeans to dresses, formal or casual, this superb pair of boots will elevate your appearance and make you stand out from the crowd. Buy a pair now!



Kelsey Leather Boots

If you’re looking for a more rustic design with that also offers style and durability, the Kelsey leather boots are the perfect pair to have on your next trip. This rugged pair of boots is a laced-on, military-inspired combat-boots-like shoe that’s both stylish and robust at the same time. However, despite that, it is still feminine and can even work well while wearing a dress. The chestnut colour is a neutral colour that you can mix with any other colour that you’re wearing. While it does look like it has a hard shell on the outside, it’s actually soft and comfortable when you wear it. This one is our personal favourite #1 women’s leather shoes from the list.


Steve Madden Troopa

The Troopa lace-up boots is yet another military-inspired pair of leather boots that also has some stylish features. It has a grim black appearance that can be paired with anything inside your wardrobe. The leather materials that it uses also adds a touch of modernity, as well as a stylish and sexy look that most women would love.  It also has an inside zipper that complements to the lace-up closure. The one-inch heel adds comfort and elevation. You can pair the Troopa with an elegant maxi dress for an overall Victorian look. Of course, you can stick to jeans and tee for a more casual yet super sexy appearance.


These three #1 womens leather shoes are the best choice for travelling and walking in big, urban cities. Unleash your unique fashion sense by having one or all of these leather shoes. Shop for one now in our online store.