How to Tell What Types of Plumbing Problems You Have

Most people think that the only way to have a plumbing problem is to call a plumber to fix it. However, that is not always the case. When this happens, you may find yourself with plumbing issues all over your house and extensive flooding. If you have never had a plumbing emergency in the past, it is best to follow these simple steps to protect your family and home from danger. This should also interest you: Home Remedies for Blocked Drains: DIY or Professional. This blocked drain is quite uncommon, as most pipes are typically at least 4 feet wide.

When a blocked drain gets more serious and water starts to build up under the pipe, it’s time to call a plumber in Blocked Drains Adelaide. Tree roots can also cause blocked drains. Tree roots can grow into the pipe of pipe, causing blockages. If left untreated, tree roots can grow around the pipe and extend their roots throughout the house, causing all kinds of plumbing problems.

Bathtub and floor drain clogs are another plumbing problem to be wary of. Clogs in the bathtub drain are caused by hair, skin, or body oils and can be cleared up with a simple shower or an easy drain cleaning. In the bathroom, hair or body oils can build up against the toilet drain, causing it to clog. To clear up clogs in the bathtub drain, start by checking for hair or body oils – if you see them, don’t try to force the issue by unscrewing the drain! The bathtub drain should be able to drain itself, so if it won’t, there is likely a clog in the plumbing beneath the floor drain or the kitchen sink.

A blocked drain snake or auger can also cause blocked drains. When the water from the shower or bath drain passes through the drain snake or auger, it becomes trapped. Sometimes a slip mister will plug the drill, but if this doesn’t unclog the drain, the only option may be to replace the drain snake or auger. Before plunging the drill into the drain, make sure the water flows smoothly through the drain pipe.

Finally, some more serious plumbing problems involving main sewer lines could include backup cysts, burst pipes, and the ever-dreaded plumbing emergency. If your toilet or drain begins to fill with water and there is no other plumbing problem, then it’s time to call a plumber at A burst pipe is the worst case scenario and requires the immediate expertise of a professional hydro technician. A small leak in the kitchen tap will usually not warrant a trip to the local emergency room, but it’s better to be safe than sorry in these situations.