The Official Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Guide – Learn How to Use a Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Properly

A chainsaw is a popular tool that’s used for a variety of cutting applications. However, its usefulness will start to diminish the moment its blade turns dull. If you’re dealing with a dull chainsaw chain, you’ll need to sharpen it using a chainsaw chain sharpener. Not all people know how to use this power tool. That’s why this article will serve as the official chainsaw chain sharpener guide. We’re going to show you some essential steps in sharpening your chainsaw chain. So continue reading now to find out.


Step #1: Prepare Everything

First, you’ll need some work gloves, protective goggles, and a work table to place the chainsaw sharpener. Once you have all of these items and materials, you’re now set to sharpen your chainsaw.


Step #2: Turn On the Chain Brake

Note that you must turn your chain brake on. It will serve to secure your chainsaw sharpener, clamping it in place while stabilising the nose bar in the process. That way, you’ll be able to use both of your hands without worrying about the sharpener moving around. Securing your sharpener on your table is also essential for your safety.


Step #3: Follow The Guide that Comes with Your Sharpener

Every product comes with a chainsaw chain sharpener guide. This manual is essential as it contains all the necessary information you need to know to sharpen your chainsaw chain properly. Follow each instruction carefully and make sure you don’t skip anything. That way, you’ll see that you’re doing things right. In the end, your chainsaw chain will be sharpened without you having to encounter any issues or setbacks.


Step #4: Sharpen Both Sides

Keep in mind that you need to sharpen both sides of your chainsaw chain to make it sharp again. Once you’ve achieved the desired results on one side, disengage your chainsaw brake and rotate the chain in a forward motion. Re-engage the chain breaks to sharpen the other side of the blade. That way, both sides will be sharp.


Step #5: Finishing Things Up

Finally, once you’ve sharpened both sides, you can now guarantee that your chainsaw chain is sharp again. Congratulations and great job! Disengage the chain brake and check each small tooth of your blade. Look for any missed blades and sharpen them thoroughly by repeating the process above. You can utilise the depth gauge that comes along with the sharpening tool. Measure the height of your chainsaw. If the cutters are above the indicator, they’re too high will need readjustment.


You’ve successfully sharpened your chainsaw using this comprehensive chainsaw chain sharpener guide. We hope you found some value out of our guide. For more DIY guides just like this one, check out our blog page.