Hip Surgeon – What You Should Know

What exactly is hip arthroscopy? This type of medical surgery is simply a surgical procedure where the hip surgeon in Adelaide performed a small surgical incision near the hip so that a small flexible tube called an arthroscope is inserted into the hip joint. The end of this tube is attached to a digital video camera whose video feed is then channelled directly to the viewing screen in the operating theatre. The surgeon will first take an X-ray of the hip joint. Then, he or she will carefully guide the digital video camera through the small opening to observe the condition of the hip joint.

Hip Surgeon in AdelaideHip arthroscopy is most commonly performed on patients with dislocated or degenerative hip conditions. In addition, the condition of the bone in the joint may need to be examined as well. This type of hip joint surgery is done to reduce pain and improve mobility. If the joint is healthy enough, it can be moved back into place.

Hip arthroscopy requires very little preparation for the procedure. This means that the patient is often given minimal pain medication before and after the surgery. During the surgery, the patient’s diet is usually restricted. This usually takes about six hours or so. There will also be some sedation administered. However, the patient should be aware that this should not take longer than the time it takes to treat the pain and inflammation associated with the surgery.

Prior to undergoing hip surgery, the patient should ask the hip surgeon in Adelaide any questions that they may have. They may even need to go over the preoperative instructions with the patient before the operation. The patient should always inform the surgeon beforehand about any medications that they are taking, whether they are pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, they should discuss any previous surgeries they may have had with the doctor. If the patient has any chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, a heart condition or hypertension, they should tell their surgeon about these as well. The hip surgeon should also discuss with them any current medications they may be taking as these may need to be taken before surgery.

The hip surgeon in Adelaide will likely perform a series of tests to determine if the hip is healthy enough for the surgery to take place. These tests can include X-rays, blood tests, imaging tests to measure bone density and even to test for infections. The patient may be advised to stop taking certain medications, as well. Some of these tests may be painful, but they should not be avoided.