Three Smart and Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas That You Need to Do

Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform on the entire planet. Right now, Facebook currently has over a billion daily active users. With that kind of numbers, it makes a lot of sense why marketers are utilising Facebook to expand their brand’s influence and reputation. If you don’t believe me, please name a household brand that doesn’t have a Facebook page. It’s critical to have a business Facebook presence, but marketers are also acknowledging the fact that Facebook marketing has already become steeper and more challenging. To stand out from the crowd, you need to be smart in terms of how you grow your audience, community, and business through Facebook.


Facebook MarketingIt’s tricky, but not impossible. With that said, here are three smart Facebook marketing ideas to help you stand out from this overcrowded social media space:


1.) Target an Insanely Specific Audience

Much like search engine optimisation, you must target specific audiences to make sure you’re getting only the relevant people to interact with your brand. However, when it comes to Facebook, you need to be ultra-specific. For example, you can target an “English or French-speaking women, between the ages of 28 – 45, who live in a 10-mile radius of Adelaide, SA, who are ‘fit and active moms’ of grade school kids.” Yes, that’s how specific you should be. For another crucial information, check out our other article entitled, “10 unbelievably specific Facebook Audiences You Can Target.”


2.) Run a Simple Contest to Increase Engagement

Facebook marketing is all about engagement and getting attention. Hosting contests are nothing new. Running a contest that offers a tempting prize is one of the best ways to spur ad engagement on Facebook. What basketball enthusiast wouldn’t want some free merch? The good thing about running a contest is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can set the terms yourself. Also, keep in mind that the simpler the instructions, the more people will participate.



3.) Create Short yet Enticing Video Posts

So, you’ve already tried marketing your company with Facebook videos, but people don’t seem to be interested. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Your videos are too long.
  2. They’re not engaging enough.


While Facebook is a goldmine for business opportunities, keep in mind that for ordinary users, it’s for entertainment. They’re not looking to spend their time looking at a boring ad. If you want to catch their attention, you need compelling videos that don’t mainly talk about your website. Instead, it needs to talk about a situation wherein your offer is the only solution in the end. By making this change, we can already guarantee that you’ll see a significant increase in user engagement on your videos.


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