Use An Accurate Moisture Meter to Reduce Floor Wear and Tear

A moisture meter is specifically designed to measure the amount of moisture in wood without water accurately. This can be extremely useful in a situation where you need accurate, instant access to the moisture content in your home. Typically, a measurement below 25% moisture is regarded as dry wood. However, there are still several hazards associated with excessive wetness, such as:

Increased risk of fire. Direct exposure to excessive moisture content can increase the rate of spread of dangerous embers, which can easily ignite materials such as drywall or electrical wiring. Excessive moisture content can also seep up through the surface of the drywall, into the insulation of the wall itself, and then into the interior of the home. For this reason, it is essential to regularly check for excessive moisture content in wood flooring, as evidenced by the black streaks that frequently appear on treated hardwood flooring.

As well as creating dangerous situations in your home, excessive moisture in wood can also lead to serious health problems, mainly as a result of excessive burning. Excess moisture in the air can cause a “smothering effect”, meaning that it prevents smoke from reaching your lungs and can also reduce the effectiveness of first aid remedies such as creosote treatment. If you find that your wood stove or fireplace is emitting a strong odour of smoke after a period of inactivity, it could be an indication of a backfire. A moisture meter measures changes in moisture level in the air, allowing you to more quickly identify an infested area and take steps towards controlling the situation before it gets out of control.

InstrumentChoice-moisture-meterThey are measuring the moisture content of drywall. Many building materials will deteriorate over time, leading to an accumulation of moisture in the material’s surface. Moisture meters can be used to measure the moisture content of drywall, determining whether it needs to be removed and replaced or left intact. However, when it comes to repairing damaged drywall, doing so on your own may not be the best idea, as DIY repairs may not be successful without professional assistance.

Detecting leaks. While most people know that a leaky faucet or faulty drainage system is the primary reason behind a leak, many do not realize that a moisture meter can provide valuable information about how much water a leak generates. This includes pipes and capillary leaks, which often go undetected unless they are noticed regularly. Whether detecting a small, single-line leak or a large, deep hole, pin meters can determine how much water is being wasted due to ineffective drain holes or routes.

Detecting mildew. Mildew often begins forming on wood surfaces after some time, providing a welcome home to pests such as ants and beetles. While removing a mould spot using bleach is relatively easy, preventing future mould formation is often a more difficult task. A moisture meter can quickly pinpoint mould growth areas, making it possible to apply an effective cleaning solution and prevent further mould from growing. This convenient meter also has a powerful built-in camera, allowing a visually detailed search of infected areas.

Detecting fire. While it is relatively easy to identify the source of a fire before it happens, determining what caused a fire before it develops into a fully-developed infestation can be difficult, as most fires start below the surface of the material they are feeding on. An InstrumentChoice moisture meter can be used to quickly detect where a fire is developing, allowing for quick action to be taken before the situation reaches an extreme point.