How to Prepare for an Upcoming Building Inspection Adelaide

Going through a building inspection Adelaide isn’t easy. However, it’s inevitable, especially if the buyer of your home has requested for it. Fortunately, you can make some preparations to make sure you score high on the building inspector’s home rating. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for an upcoming building inspection:


Clean the House


It sounds so simple and obvious, yet many homeowners tend to overlook this strategy. They think that inspectors don’t mind the mess since they’re only there to check for any actual flaws in the house. However, while it may not be part of the inspection, don’t forget that inspectors are people, as well. They carry preconceived ideas of how well a home has been maintained. By presenting a clean home to the inspectors, you’re also saying that you take good care of your house. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that they can see past stuff like a cluttered living room; because they can’t. Instead, make a good impression by providing cleaning your entire home before the inspectors arrive.


Be on Time


Once an inspector makes an appointment with you at 9:00 AM, expect them to be around on time or even earlier. That also means you need to have your home ready by then. An hour before the set appointment time should be the ideal moment that you finish your preparation and have the house prepared for the inspector’s arrival. Also, keep in mind that it’s a common thing for inspectors to start on the exterior of the home. They also tend to start right away the moment they arrive. So don’t be surprised if a particular fellow is stomping around your backyard. Not worries as most of the time they will ring the doorbell first to inform you of their arrival.



Leave the Utilities Connected


During a building inspection Adelaide, you must keep your utility lines connected. The home inspector will need to run the dishwasher, turn on the stove, and test and furnace, and check the air conditioning system. That’s why you should leave your utilities turned on, especially if the house is vacant. It’s impossible to check for the mentioned appliances if the power is turned off. Without any utilities, the inspector will have to cancel and reschedule the inspection. The last thing you want is a delay in the home inspection report; plus, you will pay for the inspector’s first failed inspection. So if you don’t want any setbacks and extra charges, make sure you turn on your utilities.