Signs You’re with The Wrong Driving Instructor

The last thing any aspiring driver wants is to be with an incompetent driving instructor. You must know how to pinpoint the signs that you’re in the wrong setup. Your knowledge of those signs will help you get out of the situation before you waste your time further.

Sign 1 – Your Driving Instructor is Rude

You can be sure that you are with the wrong driving instructor if they treat you like dirt. When a person who’s supposed to help guide your growth in life insults you, what reason do you have to believe that they will train you well? Such instructors should be avoided at all costs.  An instructor who is harsh and rude is no good. They may have a hand in lowering your self-esteem. You’re better off without them.

Sign 2 – Your Driving Instructor Lacks Patience

Have you noticed that your instructor never has a smile on their face? Have they ever blamed you for the mistakes you make in driving? Do they blame others for what supposedly happened to you during your lessons? If so, then this person is not going to help you grow as an individual. They’re going to make you feel even worse about yourself just because they lack the required patience needed in such a job.  You need someone who will be patient with you and understand your shortcomings. You deserve that much, at least.

Sign 3 – Your Driving Instructor Ignores Your Questions

Have you ever asked the driving instructor a driving question? If so, then did they provide an answer, or did they ignore you like the question never existed? Does it seem to you that they’re in their world most of the time and rarely give attention to anyone else anymore?  How can someone be expected to instruct well if they don’t even care about the questions you ask? It tells you that this person is not interested in helping you improve.  You need driving instructors Perth who are always attentive to your concerns because they’re going to make sure that nothing goes wrong during a lesson.

Sign 4 –   Your Driving Instructor Doesn’t Care About Safety

You can be sure that you’re not with a good instructor when they have no regard for your health and safety. The truth is that it’s a difficult job to become an instructor, but not only do they make it even harder on themselves by ignoring the primary considerations when instructing others, they also put your life in danger.  You deserve better than that.

Sign 5 – Your Driving Instructor Is Inconsistent

Have you noticed how the driving instructor always changes the rules and regulations they have in place for you? Have you ever wondered why those changes are being made at all?  If so, then it’s likely that this person is experimenting with different styles until one works. If that were true, then why don’t they stick to using only one style?

If the instructor is unsure what they’re doing, how are you supposed to know what’s right and wrong?  You need an instructor who knows the rules in place for a particular style and won’t change them just because something feels “better” at the time.


If you’re with an instructor who exhibits any of these signs, then it’s time for you to move on. You deserve so much more than that. If this is your case, start making your way through each of the points mentioned above until you can find reliable driving instructors Perth.