All About the Fashion Industry

A makeup artist, sometimes called a make-up artist, is an artist whose talent is in applying makeup on others, often for television, film, art, magazines, and other related industries. As such, their work is not limited to just applying makeup. Make-up artists can also use prosthetic and electronic prosthetics when required. It is not uncommon for makeup artists to have formal education before starting their career.

Makeup artists are often hired by photography studios, fashion houses and photoshoots where glamour is sought after. Their job may include putting make up on the model for a photoshoot, or assisting the photographer/makeup artist with their work. Some makeup artists will hold a portfolio of their work and allow potential clients to see how their art fits with the photograph. They may be called upon to apply prosthetics and make up, such as fake tears and scars, to the client. These artists can create different styles, such as a smoky, seedy look, for a shoot that requires smoky eyes and dark lipstick colours. If requested, they can create different looks for a single picture depending on the image.

adelaide-makeup-artistWhile many fashion houses will hire adelaide makeup artist to apply makeup on their models for special events and photoshoots, they will often go above and beyond by hiring hobbyist makeup artists. Hobbyist makeup artists enjoy applying makeup so much that some specialize in only certain areas, such as waterproof mascara, liners and blush. These artists often work as independent contractors, selling their skills to different companies. Some even travel between studios, doing makeup wherever possible to make the most money possible.

As a career, makeup artists must be organised and detail-oriented. Their jobs often require them to do a lot of traveling and long hours, so they must have great time management skills and be willing to delegate when working with clients. Since a makeup artist in adelaide makeup artist must take pictures with their clients so that they can be used as reference material and advertising for their business, they have to take detailed notes about each client’s appearance at each point in time.

As you can see, becoming a professional makeup artist is both fun and stressful. However, being an effective makeup artist requires plenty of education and training. There are many areas that makeup artists can specialize in. For example, many makeup artists can perform special effects makeup, such as smoke and sparkle. There are also classes specifically for these makeup artists. Special effects makeup artists may also use prosthetic makeup, which can be very realistic.