Can I Paint My Roller Blinds? Yes! Here’s How to Do it

Roller blinds are amazingly useful types of window treatments, which are also very durable. Roller blinds Adelaide are available in a wide range of colours, but if you have trouble finding the colour you want or if your window blinds are looking worse for the wear, you might want to paint them! Really!

Here’s how to do it.

You may start with cheap mini blinds that you can get from your local DIY shop, or if your old one has still some life left to it, albeit just a bit faded, use that.

Gathering your tools and equipment that you need before starting your project, you should not have any problem painting the blinds in a matter of hours.

Step 1 – Measure and buy the blind

First, find a blind that is suitable for this project. To do this, first measure the size of the window and the length required for the blind using a tape measure. When shopping for a blind, try to find a reasonably cheap white blind because you are going to change the colour anyway.

Step 2 – Choose the paint

Depending on the material of your blind, different paints will be suitable. You will always have to choose soft paints that will not crack or dry up when they are rolled up inside or exposed to the weather. Modern paints are much better now as far as their components  – making it possible to paint your roller blinds Adelaide. If you are painting on fabric blinds, be sure to choose a suitable fabric paint.

If you are unsure of the required paint, consult a specialist at your hardware store.

Step 3 – Prepare the blinds

Before you start painting your shades, you need to do some preparations first. It is easier to paint the blinds before mounting them. For this, you will need a lot of space. If you have a table big enough, it would be ideal. Otherwise, you will need to prepare a workspace on the floor. Use newspaper and dust sheets to protect the floor and use duct tape to keep everything in place.

Unroll the window shade entirely and lay it on the floor. If it does not stay flat, you can use the ribbon to hold it firmly in place as it will make it much easier to work on the entire blind than to try to work on individual sections.

Step 4 – Paint the blinds

Now use a paintbrush or paint roller to use on the whole blind. You will have to do this carefully to make sure you do not smear paint on the back side.  Also, make sure that you paint the front part of your blinds so that it matches the colour of your room.

You may need to apply a second coat on the roller blinds to make sure they are completely covered and not smeared.

Step 5 – Re-attach the blinds

Once the blinds have been painted and dry, you can screw them back to the window.

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