Eyelid Surgery in Adelaide – What You Need to Know

Eyelid surgery in Adelaide is similar to that in plastic surgeons’ clinics all over the country. However, this type of surgery generally has a lower success rate than plastic surgery in general. This is because the skin of the eyelids is much thicker than most other parts of the face, making it challenging to insert fine instruments. For this reason, the surgery lasts typically around two to three hours, although the entire procedure may sometimes last up to six hours.


Eyelid surgery doesn’t usually require any stitching or cutting unless some underlying muscle becomes infected. The only incision traditionally involved in the eyelid surgery Adelaide consists of removing a corner of the eyelid. The surgical wounds in the eyelid surgery in Adelaide are very small and usually just about one centimetre in diameter, making them gentle, quick and easy to heal.


In general, many people are unhappy with the appearance of their eyes, especially with the arrival of excessive drooping eyelids and lines around the eyes. Fortunately, in the case of eyelid surgery Adelaide, many people can benefit from this procedure. Excessive fat deposits can also cause drooping eyelids and bars around the eyes under the skin. In addition, in the eyes, excess fat may accumulate under the lower lid, resulting in the formation of an eye bag.


Eyelid surgery in Adelaide generally requires general anesthesia. In addition, one or more sedative drugs are usually given to patients before the procedure to minimize any potential side effects. An ophthalmologist in Adelaide is generally the one who performs such surgery, although, in some instances, plastic surgeons can also serve it. If you decide to have this procedure in Adelaide, you must contact an experienced plastic surgeon for a consultation. He or she will examine you, your lifestyle and decide whether you are a good candidate for this type of plastic surgery.


Some patients are not suitable candidates for this type of surgery, such as those with excess skin or fat deposits, age over 40, causing excessive skin or fat to gather under the lower lid. Age-related changes around the eyes can be corrected through cosmetic surgery in Adelaide, but it is best to see an eye surgeon get the best results. This procedure is also sometimes performed on the eyelid itself. When eyelid surgery Adelaide fails to correct the problem, while considered minor by most, Eyelid surgery in Adelaide can improve your appearance if it is performed correctly. With proper care and attention, you can achieve beautiful results.


Many people in their mid-thirties or older can undergo eyelid surgery in Adelaide to reshape and restore their appearance. If you think that your eyes no longer complement your face or have changed, it may be time to look into this procedure in Adelaide. The results can dramatically improve your appearance without the need to invest in surgery that may have adverse effects. By consulting with a plastic surgeon in Adelaide, you can make an informed decision about your future appearance.